My Most Unlikely Film Doubleheader, With a Little Jazz on the Side.

My favorite holiday movie has always been Comfort and Joy. It’s by Scottish director Bill Forsyth who hopped onto the scene with Gregory’s Girl in 1981 and then more famously with the great Local Hero in 1983. Comfort and Joy, about a guy whose girlfriend leaves him – hmmm, that’s how Local Hero starts as well – and then he gets mixed up in a war of ice cream trucks. It all takes place in the we-should-be-jolly Christmas season.

Okay, fast forward to this week when on the morning sports show Mike & Mike all they were talking about was how Diehard is the greatest Christmas movie ever. I didn’t think I ever saw it and doubted I ever would. (Didn’t they make like 5 of those?) Last night I decided to see my third film in the AFI European Film Showcase at AFI Silver in Silver Spring – Child’s Pose, written by the scripter of the memorable films, 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and Two Days, and The Death of Mr. Lazarescu. This was the epitome of indie film going.

And indie it was. Like 4 Months, it had scenes where you’re waiting for characters to speak. But once it settled in, it was riveting and deserving of the international praise it has received. It ended about 9:30 and I had nothing else planned. For anyone who has been to AFI Silver, you know that Theaters 2 (where Pose was) and 3 are okay, but Theater 1 is amazing. So walking by on my way out I noticed that a film was starting – you guessed it, Diehard.

I figured let me watch a bit and at the first sign of crazy violence or stupid plotting, I’ll leave. Two hours later, I believed that Comfort and Joy has competition. The film made me regret missing Alan Rickman in Seminar on Broadway a couple years ago. What a villain! Bruce Willis did not take himself too seriously back then – he had that Moonlighting flair still. The film holds up extremely well.

On the way to my car I ran into an old friend, Bobby Hill, who formerly ran the jazz radio station WPFW 89.3 FM and now hosts a show on Thursday nights (really Friday mornings, he said) from midnight to 2 am. He’s off the next couple weeks but then I will be listening after that. I first met Bobby in maybe the late ’80s when he was biking around and we started talking indie films. He’s still biking around and we’re still talking indie films. Except he saw another European entry in the slot I saw Diehard.

With all the Meetups I run with The ArtHouse, I was a little worried about a night on my own. Ha!  Or more aptly, Yippee ki-yay!

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