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Ronn blogged before the term existed - as the arts editor and pro basketball writer (The Court Jester) for the Rutgers Daily Targum. I reviewed the original Dreamgirls and interviewed the lead, Sheryl Lee Ralph, who was from Rutgers. From there I went to The Washington Post covering duckpin bowling, preseason football, tennis and a baseball oldtimers game with Joe Dimaggio. Next I collected a couple Super Bowl rings with the Washington Redskins, wrote for radio, wrote cover stories for the Post's Weekend section (started ushering after my story on it), covered diversity in the newspaper world and then started going to film festivals and conducting interviews - Sarah Polley, Julie Delpy and Kristin Scott-Thomas among others. Now I blog daily for the Software & Information Industry Association and run The ArtHouse Meetiup.

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2 Foreign Films That We May See During Awards Season

Force Maejure 4 1/2 stars (out of 5) The Way He Looks 4 stars I saw 2 films Sunday that we just might see again when the ArtHouse Meetup goes to the Annual Global Glimpses at National Geographic in February: Force Maejure and The Way he Looks. (Global Glimpses shows the 5 Oscar foreign film nominees […]

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Harold Ramis will be sadly missed, sadly missed, sadly missed.

There’s a scene in the film Groundhog Day where Bill Murray sits down with TV colleague Andie McDowell and begins his pursuit by trying to learn more about her. “You weren’t in broadcasting or journalism [in school]?” he asks. “Believe it or not, I started out studying 19th century French poetry,” she responds. Murray bursts out […]

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Violet starts its 2014 comeback with likeable production at Ford’s

Our ArtHouse group was fortunate to be at the opening performance of Violet last night at Ford’s Theatre. Director Jeff Calhoun, who was nominated for a Tony in 2012 for Newsies, has pulled together a coherent, lush and moving production featuring lots of local talent.  Great to see Erin Driscoll and James Gardiner in something […]

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My Top 11 (or so) Films for 2013

Top 10 lists are never easy – so let’s do a top 11. The tendency is to forget about films from earlier in the year and then how do you compare an obscure foreign film to something like 12 Years a Slave.  But I hope I can get some Comments going so let me give […]

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My Most Unlikely Film Doubleheader, With a Little Jazz on the Side.

My favorite holiday movie has always been Comfort and Joy. It’s by Scottish director Bill Forsyth who hopped onto the scene with Gregory’s Girl in 1981 and then more famously with the great Local Hero in 1983. Comfort and Joy, about a guy whose girlfriend leaves him – hmmm, that’s how Local Hero starts as […]

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